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Encounters w/ YPO CULTURED VIPS The Young Patronesses of the Opera [YPO] celebrated their 61st Annual Awards & Installation Luncheon at the Coral Gables Country Club with an “America The Beautiful” theme. Attendees showed their American spirit as they donned red, white & blue attire complete with stylish hats. 1. Deborah Davidson, Julie Todaro, Amal Solh, Stephanie Mederos-Hill, Christy Powell, Karen Fuller-Veloz, Barbara Reese, Leatrice Damus, Linda Meyers, Sandy Zankl, Linda McEnany 2. Julie Todaro, Caroline Biggs, Janis Ramirez, Sheri Swanson, Linda Meyers 3. Amal Solh, Lise-Marie Wertanzl, Gail Pinon, Lee Lennon, Barbara Waters, Stephanie Mederos-Hill 4. Violeta Cepeda, Patricia Scerpella, Lydia Scerpella, Lydia Alvarez Scerpella 5. Front Row: Janis Ramirez, Christy Powell, Kristin Podack Back Row: Holly Evans, Maria Carbonell, Janice Russell, Sheri Swanson, Rene Gross, Lucie Spieler, Barbara Reese, Julie Todaro, Linda Goldberg 6. Claudia Glasson, Vivianne Swietelsky, Magita Rojas, Angeliki Aninou, Gisela Garcia-Tunon, Carmen Baker, Courtney Berry, Susan Rodriguez, Juanita Miller 7. Trish Bell, Bunny Bastian, Swanee DiMare 8. Paula Scheer, Marianne Kircher 9. Caroline Biggs, Bill Reaney 10. Rene Beal, Gail Pinon 1 2 3 4 5 126