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Encounters w/ The Decotones 1 3 SINGING SENSATIONS The Decotones Jazz Vocal Quintet Sang The Great American Songbook live at Sunset Tavern & Deli Lane to the delight of the crowd. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Christopher Dreeson, Jude Fox, Robyn Rich, John Martin, Susie Blank Wolfe 2. Karin Wherry, John Martin 3. Alan Wolfe, Susie Blank Wolfe, Gary Heath, Marcia Heath 4. Michael Crudele, Christopher Dreeson, Lynne Dreeson, Lourdes Arteaga, Ulysses Arteaga 5. Lisa Goodkind, Maria K. Somoza, John Martin, Maggie Vassilaros, Isela Sotolongo 6. Robyn Rich, John Martin 7. Robyn Rich, Brian Dunham, Kim Dunham 8. Miguel Corral, Jude Fox, Carlos Perez 2 122