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Encounters w/ KB Chamber 1 3 2 NETWORKING CENTRAL The Key Biscayne Chamber Of Commerce hosted a successful business card exchange at BB&T. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Karin Amin, Mayra Hernandez, Jose Llanes, Veronica Villagra 2. Victoria Jackson, Patricia Riestra 3. So Mitt, Atephani Ceballos, Dr. Maria Yazji 4. Paola Padovan, Shayna Varkas, Nora Camejo 5. Katie Susjner, Luis Estrada, Patricia Romano 6. Javier Obregon, Shayna Varka, Ron Erbel 7. Eric McKenzie, Alexa Holloway, Jose Santivanez 8. Rafael Moreno, Cindy Mize, Aquilino Larrea 9. Marilyn Borroto, Robert Holmquist, Cassia Silva 10. Lucy Forester, Marcos Kwasniewsi, Jacky Donate, Ashley Cayon 136 4