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Encounters w/ Biscayne Nature Center 1 2 4 3 5 Natural Wonder The Biscayne Nature Center hosted their first Young Professionals event with a baby loggerhead sea turtles being released into the sea as the grand finale of the evening. — Photos by Manny Hernandez. 6 116 7 1. Ali Codina, Amel Saied 2. Andrew Frey, Ali Codina 3. Brittany Wallis, Rishi Sehgal 4. Aaron Glickman, Claudia Succar Ferre, Joey Diez 5. Benjamin Leis, Sylvia Kalicinski, Suraj Hemnani 6. Michelle Citrin, Nathalie Reshad 7. Cameron Williams & Matt Taylor 8. Vanessa Chen, Kathy Strobach 9. Lara Bueso Bach, Marcus Bach 10. Laurent, Teresa Cherubin 11. Zoila Rivera, Eli Gutierrez, Estrella Malca 12. Rob Segear, Lainey Grossman, Claudia Succar Ferre, Joey Diez 13. Michael Iaas, Taya Taube 14. Pablo Gonzalez, Martha lluch 15. Teya Montalbano, Benjamin Lais