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Encounters 1 2 ALL WHITE The Key Biscayne Yacht Club held a “White Party” featuring dinner and cocktails as well as a wonderful performance by belly dancers. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Alex Torres, Thomas Thornton, and Silvia and Mario Serra 2. Maria Angelica and Christopher Loughlin 3. Gigi Costa, Maite Thornton (Seabells) 4. Joe Courtney, Virginia Costa, Ivonne Valiente, Amelita Courtney 5. Dick Graham, Jacquie Green, Andrea Hellmans, Angela Nash, Maynard Hellmans, Alexandra Hellmans, Charlie Nash 6. Peggy Goodman, Lee Schmachtenberg, Joy & Mort Fried 7. Gregory Bell, Maite & Thomas Thornton 8. Christina Termine, Rafael Bild 9. Kenneth & Katrina Coto 10. Robin Macklin & Beatriz 11. Joe Courtney, Dwight Hewett, Gregory Bell, York Flick 12. Silvana Giuffrida, Ana & Christopher Felpeto, Dwight & Naysbeli Hewett 3 4 96 5