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Encounters 1 2 LUXE SOIREE Christina Termine and Diamonds on the Key hosted a dinner cocktail party at her Key Biscayne residence. Photos by Maritza Minor 3 5 94 1. Hernan and Alexia Echaverria, Christina Termine and Rafael Bild 2. Lisa and Chris Blackman 3. Ralph Patino and Elezabeth Vega 4. Soraia Valladares and Silvana Giuffrida 5. Randal and Lori Rombeiro 6. Maikel Millo, Raquel Watters and Perla and Robert Thorne 7. Luciane Mozzer Cristoforo Pignata and Kinga Johnson 8. Peter and Bettina Laib and Anthony Termine 9. Amanda Rodriguez and Jioconda Baltodano 10. Bertha Termine, Joan Thompson, Christine Housen and Lauren Thompson 11. Esteban and Amelia Deak and Rino and Paulette Schena 12. Kayla Barrera and Rachel Rosen 4 6