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Encounters 1 2 SPECIAL TIME Patty Gutierrez hosted and incredible party at her home on Curtiswood to celebrate her birthday. Friends and family gathered for this wonderful occasion, with incredible catering, music and mariachis! 1. Christian Boehme-G, Ivanna Boehme-G, Patty Gutierrez, Stephan Boehme-G 2. Sandra Gutierrez & Patty Gutierrez 3. Lucky de Aguiar, Patty Gutierrez, Dionisio Gutierrez, Esperanza & Juan Jose Gutierrez 4. Patty Gutierrez, Brigitte Nachtigall 5. Juan Urruela, Victor Girodani, Karin Giordani, Estella de Urruela 6. Ivanna Boehme-Gutierrez, Victoria Dell’Oca, Camila Guyot, Micaela Baldivieso, Paulina Baldivieso 7. Pedro Franchy, Vivianna Franchy 8. Beatriz & Michael Robelo 9. Cristy Gutierrez, Andres Zineri, Patty Gutierrez, Javier Gutierrez, Juan Diego Recinos, Ana & Dionisio Gutierrez 10. Lucky De Aguiar, Patty Gutierrez, Sebastian Aguiar 11. Edgar Gutierrez, Juerguen Eisermann 3 4 90 5