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Encounters GLOBAL GATHERING The United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce’s Inter-American Chapter welcomed international business and community leaders during a private reception at the home of Board Member Ernesto Peralta to kick off the 12th annual Inter-American Chapter Board of Director’s Reunion and discuss ways to increase awareness, trade and business relationships between companies in Florida and Mexico. 1. Elba Hentschel, Patrick Ilabaca, Mike Ronan, Erksy Ricaño, David Rosemberg,Miguel Oliva, Candido Viyella 2. Juan Miguel and Grazyna Gutiérrez-Tinoco, Veronica & Ernesto Peralta 3. Milonga Carrera, Veronica Peralta, Viviana Fernández, Emma Souza 4. Ernesto & Veronica Peralta, Carmen & Rey Velázquez 5. Bill Johnson,Claudia Piñera,Juan J. Gallardo, John Price 6. Gerardo Alton, Gaby Rivero, Fito Giron 7. Andrés Oppenheimer 8. Wendy Grant, Richard Estevez 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 93