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Encounters Fond farewell Ana Cristina Defortuna hosted a beautiful party at the Grand Bay Club for her sister Rosabel Dasso who moved back to Peru with her family after calling Key Biscayne her home for many years. Family and friends all gathered to give the best ferwell wishes to a dear sister, daughter and wonderful friend who is an example to all who have had the pleasure of knowing her. 1. Ana Tootle, Brigitte Nachtigall, Rosabel Dasso, Ana Cristina Defortuna, Yovanka Sanchez, Suly Shwartz 2. Maite Norona, Maria Cruz Waterhouse, Rosabel Dasso & Elena Magolnick 3. Claudia Yidi, Tere Velez & Gigi Guerra 4. Ana Arellano & China Ortega 5. Monica Defortuna & Norma Henriquez 6. Uchi Botero & Maria Andrea Lara 7. Marina Tonarely, Rosabel Dasso & Brigitte Nachtigall 8. Linda Salcedo, Cecilia Ruttiman, Rosabel Dasso, Mariana Tonarely & Monica Henao 9. Milagros Ayala, Rita Munoz, Marines Duarte & Michelle Duarte-Gonzalez 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 88 9