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Encounters WEDDED BLISS! True love comes around only once in lifetime. For newlyweds Hernan and Maria Victoria, building the rest of their lives together is a dream come true that both of them are looking very forward to. Congratulations! 1. Hernan Aracibia & Maria Victoria Bustamante 2. Claudia Martinez, Gloria Fallon, Becky Lozano & Marta Ligia Isaac 3. Edward & Howard & Gloria Fallon, Maria Victoria, Victor Fallon, Kristin Gillig 4. Maria Jose Lopez, Antonio Castano & Jorge Castano 5. Paulina & Rafael Moreno 6. Soledad Arancibia, Pedro & Isabel Arechaga 7. Maria Patricia Cavelier, Maria Victoria, Ana Karina Ciocca & Anita Bustamante 8. Alejandro Perez, Carolina Perez, Maria Victoria Bustamante & Susana Perez 1 3 2 4 7 86 key biscayne magazine 5 6 8