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Encounters PORT OF CALL: MUMBAI Organized by Seabelle Captain Marilyn Borroto at the Key Biscayne Yacht Club, Commodore Ed London and his wife Claire greeted everyone with a flowered necklace, a dot on their forehead and a very warm namaste during this very special Indian-themed event. Guests enjoyed drinks and delicious appetizers in the Chart Room before gathering in the main dining room for a succulent Indian dinner. A Hindu dancer invited everyone to a private Kathak dance performance narrating the story of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha; a superb performance dedicated to Shiva. The party continued, shaking bodies with great rhythms and libations until well past midnight. 1 1. Marilyn & Willy Borroto. 2. Walter Caridad, Cindy Mize with Claire & Ed London. 3. Anne Nootz, Angela Nash, Vicky Krall, Mrs. Aldo Serafini & Denys Alt. 4. Carmen & Diego Betancourt with David & Reina Gonzalez. 5. Aleida & Israel Garrido. 6. Armando & Nico Fiallo. 7. Angela & Charlie Nash. 8. Dietlinde & Dean Coleman. 9. Dr. Robert Maggs & Dr. Vicky Rivas Vazquez. 10. Dr. & Mrs. Aldo Serafini with Robert & Denys Alt. 11. Eddy Lopez & Fifi Echemendia. 12. Eva Slordaz, Fifi Echemendia & Olga Connor. 13. Vicky Krall & Andrea Hellman. 14. Andrea & Maynard Hellman. 15. KBYC bartender. 16. John & Staria Petersen. 17. Fifi Echemendia & Eddie Lopez with Yasmin & Rolando Gonzalez. 18. Maritza & Steven Minor. 2 3 5 98 key biscayne magazine 4 6 7