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Encounters Happy BIRTHday, Alex! Alexander Aixala and a couple of his friends, cousins and family members joined him to celebrate his 10th B-day bowling at Lucky Strike Lanes! It was a day full of laughter, fun and enjoyment. 1. Nicolas Waterhouse, Alexander Aixala, Luly Magolnick & Camille Vonsimson. 2. Alexander Aixala, Mike Aixala & Philip Connor. 3. Eric Magolnick, Philip Connor, Nikolas Aixala, Luly Magolnick, Camille Von Simson, Brigitte Nachtigall, Olivia Connor, Alexander Aixala, Victoria Del’Occa, Sofia Waterhouse, Max Aixala, Maria Claudia Del’Occa, Christian Tootle, Adriana Von Simson & Nicolas Waterhouse. 4. Nikolas Aixala & Nicolas Waterhouse. 5. Eric Magolnick, Juan Carlos Zelaya, Nicolas Zelaya & Nikolas Aixala. 6. Victoria Del’Occa & Sofia Waterhouse. 7. Brigitte Nachtigall, Elena Magolnick, Maria Cruz Waterhouse, Adriana Von Simson, Maria Claudia Del’Occa & Ana Zelaya. 8. Olivia Connor, Luly Magolnick, Christian Tootle, Alexander Aixala & Philip Connor. 2 4 7 94 key biscayne magazine 1 3 5 6 8