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Compass F l a shback TROPICAL ROAD Taken facing west on Key Biscayne’s Westwood Drive circa 1950 and present day, respectively, the images pictured below carry, besides a glowing endorsement of the great strides taken by the village’s Public Works Department, several integral messages, specifically that while it can be inspiring to see the lengths our communities have expanded, it’s sometimes prudent to take greater notice of the factors that have maintained. Sure, since the historic photo was taken in the 1950s, potholes have almost entirely been eliminated, Netflix was invented and one can’t understate the positivities inherent in central A/C. But we’d like to think that, however the façade may seem, the communal character that consumes our Key by the sea and broadcasts boldly from this archival shot is, has and always will be a defining factor for island living at its finest; — RYA N JA R R E LL Before photo: Courtesy of the Key Biscayne Historical & Heritage Society After photo: Marcelo Araica 38