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Compass H ome POWER PIANOS The grand piano craze amongst China’s wealthy elite has made international headlines in recent years, but grand pianos have been a top home décor status symbol in the U.S. for over 200 years. TEX T BY SANDY LINDSEY Goldfinch has redefined the word “impressive” when it comes to pianos. “The World’s Most Luxurious Piano” boasts 500,000 Swarovski crystals applied by hand by British contemporary artist Lauren Baker, who spent 6 months on the project. The aptly-named Crystal Piano is valued at $625,000. With a pricetag like that, it should play itself, you say? Well, it actually does, via invisible controls that Goldfinch can add to any of their custom creations. Other bespoke options include the futuristic looking “The Baby” by Based Upon that features the timeless beauty of the famous sculpture The Twist. This collaboration between Goldfinch and Based Upon is the result of nearly a decade of design evolution. Traditionalists may be more interested in Goldfinch’s Chinoiser IE Piano which combines the Far East with 1900s European shape and artistry or the Louis VX Piano with its elaborately inlaid Kingwood and Rosewood case; 34