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Feature HOT TO TROT We’ve uncovered the latest products and procedures sure to keep you youthful & stunning without going under the knife in a city where beauty abounds. I T E X T BY FR AN CE SC A CRUZ f you call Miami home, then you know you live in paradise. Aside from year-round beach weather, the most spectacular scenery, a city that’s thriving and a nightlife coveted globally — as if we didn’t already give other places a reason to envy us — now, in a recent survey by Travel + Leisure, Miami was touted as having another impressive attraction: It’s home to the most beautiful people. This means those who live here need to keep their primping and grooming one step ahead of the game, for not only do we have a reputation to uphold, but ay caramba…the competition is only growing stiffer. So as to not sit idle, allowing others to usurp our sass and sexy appeal; I allocated a few months to this exposé, diving deep into research to get the latest on beauty products and procedures that are: nonsurgical, available in Miami and actually work. There is NO “come right up” carny lingo pitching hope in a bottle associated with this piece. If it isn’t tried and true, it was tossed out. To 50 quote the wise and venerable viral sensation known as Sweet Brown, ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that!” It all starts with the sun. Our best friend and arch nemesis in Miami. For those in search of the sun-kissed “Miami look” baking in the sun will give you the instant gratification of what appears to be glowing, healthy skin...but with time, you shall pay the price if you don’t incorporate a sunblock with an SPF of at least 30 into your daily routine — and this goes for everyone who lives in The Sunshine State. Some of the very best SPFs on the market that are top- of-the-line and don’t leave skin feeling chalky, exposed to harmful chemicals or cause breakouts are: SkinCeuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50 ($34); SkinMedica Daily Physical Defense Sunscreen Broad Spectrum 30+ ($46); and La Mer: The Reparative Body Sun Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($85). These can all be found online or at most skincare providers.