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Encounters w/ YES Institute 1 2 3 4 SAY YES Members of the Kiaora Society of YES Institute welcomed new guests to be part of the organization’s future during their recent Spring celebration. — Photos by Betty Alvarez 1. Dr. John Martin, Chris Dreeson, Robyn Rich, Susie Blank Wolfe, Joanne Meagher 2. Chuck Collier, Misae Graziano 3. Crissi & Ed Boland 4. Daniel Campos, Felix Lahmann 5. Danny Cabrera, June Raben 6. Maria Alencar, Eduardo Salazar Vallecalla, Floriano Alencar 7. Emilio Vazquez, Yeni & Tom Logan 8. Kevin Veilleux, Damian Pardo, Tim Wagoner 9. Pat Messmer, Brooke & Ann Pfister 10. Lynn Herald, Giselle Kovaz 11. George Amaya, Rob Roark 12. Klara Gershman, Steven Santiago 5 140 6