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Encounters w/ Relay For Life LIFE SAVERS Local American Cancer Society Relay For Life events are a great way to take action and inspire, promote, volunteer, educate and raise funds for a cause that helps save hundreds of lives a day and changes people’s lives forever. — Photos by Korey Davis 1. Lisa Federmam, Michelle Barnett, Maggie Isern, Arturo Fundora, Vivian Galego-Mendez, Carmen Dominguez, Betty Portuondo 2. Roberto Interiano, Rita Rivas 3. Millayda Urena, Florencia Loyola, Maria Juliana Cadavid, Angela Podolla 4. Marla Rivas Patti, Encina Neira, Annie Mammes, Jackie Gallardo, Milagros Beem 5. Ana P. Soler, Lucia Morales, Vicki Fox, Marilyn Kreisberg 6. Luissell Brito, Angela Saldarriaga 7. Lucila & Oscar Portillo 8. Allison, Victor Perez 1 3 2 134 4