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Encounters w/ Biscayne Nature Center 1 2 3 4 5 Movie night Biscayne Nature Center presented their Wild & Scenic Film Festival Gala to support nature by exploring programming for under-served children. — Photos by Paul Perdomo 6 7 116 1. Adela Aiguesvives, Catherine Morin 2. Janine Ersfeld, Irina Fernandez 3. Marianne Canero, Marianna Maurer, Kerry Steele 4. Claudia Succar Ferre, Alberto Carvalho, Catherine Morin 5. Ronda Fuchs, Brett Graff, Claudia Succar Ferre 6. Jill Stephens, Paola Padovan, Stacia Bahamondes, Sally Crabill, Irina Fernandez, Janine Ersfeld 7. Prudence Gill, Joan Gill Blank, John Long, Theodora Long, Pierre Moffroid 8. Ronda Fuchs, Karen Beber, Janine Ersfeld, Irina Fernandez 8