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Encounters W/ Dr. Martin 1 2 3 4 GOOD EATS Scalina restaurateur Tom Billante hosted a special VIP Grand Opening party to welcomed some of the most influential business people in South Florida to his restaurant. 1. Dr. John Martin, Mia Weddell 2. Jorge Perez, Jessie Alexander, Edgardo Defortuna, Tom Billante 3. Benny Benson, Judith Kaplan, Victor A. Diaz, Lena Delatorre 4. Lewis & Holly Cohen 5. Fernando Larero, Roberta Cavanzo, Zenaida Figueroa, Nichaloas Grossi 6. Craig Studnicky, Philip Spiegelman, Len Dugow 7. Dr. Joe Underwood, Dr. Marla LaVoice 5 6 118 7