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Encounters 1 3 2 4 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The Kappens hosted a party to celebrate the 15th birthday of their son Ushaia Miguel. More than 150 guests enjoyed a magical night filled with laser lights, great music, delicious cocktails and hors d’oeuvres throughout what culminated as an unforgettable night with the appearance of a belly dancer. 5 116 6 1. Eddy, Virginia, Eddy & Annette Elguezabal 2. Richard, Ushaia, Fabiola & Adjany Kappen 3. Maria Capote, Miguel Jimenez 4. Alex Novo, Darlene Fajardo, Alejandra Ares, Rachel Cubilla & Yilena Jimenez 5. Lazaro Garcia, Xiomara, Tristen Perez 6. Maria Teresa Capote, Marilyn Ruiz