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Encounters 1 2 3 4 NATURE SAVIORS A cocktail reception and silent auction to benefit The Marjorie Stoneman Biscayne Nature Center was hosted by Jean Paul and Stacia Bahamondes in Key Biscayne. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Theodore Holloway, Alexa Pennell, Jean Paul & Stacia Bahamondes 2. Melissa White, Jocelyn Koch, Selene Devaney 3. Jamie Tompkins, Jamie Bourbeau, Joan McCaughan 4. Jill Stephens, Leni Weber, Winnie Pritchett, Frank Andrew 5. Marilyn & George Brown 6. Michael Davey, Sally Seltzer, Bill Crabill 7. Tom & Leni Weber 5 6 110 7