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Encounters hollywood night Hollywood Night came to the Key Biscayne Yacht Club as guests arrived dressed as their favorite Hollywood movie star, impressions included. 1. Charlie (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Angela Nash 2. Betty Mc Manus and Betty Conrad 3. Gail Fried and Christine Houssen 4. Lisa Ware and Ron Drucker 5. Mary Tague and Mac and Elaine Melvin 6. Gary and Jan Draper 7. Robert and Hortencia Hacker and Bonnie and Jim Clayton 8. Mary and Brian Tague and Mike and Donna Rica 9. Jill and Marco Gomez 10. Dr. Robert Maggs and Dr. Vicky Vivas Vazquez 11. Dante Ruggieri and Camille Terry 12. Gabrielle and Tony Ottavio 13. Mike Rice and Dr. Jaime Zambrano 14. Joel and Elena Magolnick and Mark Fried 15. Joan Abrahmsohn, Cristine Houssen and Dr. Glenn Abrahamshon 16. Annbele Stevens and Lauren Battle 17. Willy and Marilyn Borroto 18. Amy Zambrano, Mary Allbraum and Leni Weber 2 3 4 5 7 110 1 6 8 9