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Encounters grand Celebration The Grand Bay Club held their 13 th Anniversary party with cocktails, dinner and dancing. It was a great success for all the members to enjoy! 1. Aelen and Evelyn Uslar-Pietri and Dr. Victoria Simons 2. Michele Estevez, Wilson Altesor and Katiuska Aquilera 3. Blas and Ana Miyares and Gloria and Eliser Mendia 4. Edgardo and Cristina De Fortuna, Michelle Duarte and Jose Ignacio Gonzalez 5. Verena Presente and Merecedes Talarico 6. Marcela Jaramillo, Sueli Roberts and Isabel Rego 7. Patricia and Angie Amat 8. Natalia, Raul, Luz and Carolina Ravelo 9. Alfredo and Maria Elena Aguila, Alberto and Mary Jo Pinedo and Sylvia and Larry Curran 10. Elke Coburger and Kiki Kuhnert 11. Claudio and Natali Rosi Oliviera 12. Virginia Di Salvo and Hugo Bianchi 13. Sylvia Bennett, Al Sawelson, Joan Blank, and Joyce and Peter Kory 14. Luciano Roberts, Javier Jaramillo and Rodrigo Rego 15. Nelson Salas, Andrea Gamboa, Enrique and Kathyrn Carrero 16. Giselle Porta, Yulia Kashelkina and Dory Luzardo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 108