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Encounters Giving back The Eileen McCaughan Memorial Scholarship Fund event was held at Party’s by Pat. Since 1989, friends and family hold an annual pasta dinner to raise funds for the scholarship. Over 100 scholarships have been awarded since its inception, and over $200,000 in scholarship money has been given to more than 100 students in need. 1. Mayra and Ed Stone 2. Greg Mandiola, Jaime McCaughan, Carlos Mandiola, Joan McCaughan with Caitlyn and Melissa White 3. Chris & Debbie Roa 4. Evelyn Godley and Suzette Wanninkhof 5. Peggy Goodman and Vickie Krall 6. Leni Weber, Beatriz Rabassa, Patricia Flik and Hedieh Sepehri 7. Kevin, Omid, Kristina, Ileana, Ashley and Zahra Pouya 8. Gloria and Michael Kahn 9. Alexis Demmi and Alexa Delgado 10. Valeria and Sienna Borroto 11. Sandy Earle and Laura Pearson 12. Nancy White, Bobby Savage and Sally Brody 13. Rob Weintraub, Elaine Gross, Allison Goldberg and Emily Gresham 14. Mike and Donna Rice and Ron Erbel 15. Max Henderson, Birgit Lahaye and Ofelia and Robert McBride 16. Carlos and Lauren Battle and Mark Fried 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 106