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Encounters Happy Birthday! Karla Bueno celebrated her 40 th birthday at her Key Biscayne residence with her friends and family during a joyous gathering complete with singing, dancing and entertainment. All the guests received a CD with Karla’s favorite songs. 1. Karla Bueno, Ceci Divildox, Gracie Canavati and Paola Camara 2. Graicie Canavati, Paola Camara and Martha Poulat 3. Vero Alvarez and Silvia Pesci 4. Elena Magolnick, Luchi Houlzet and Ana Tootle 5. Loles Cajigas, Rosa Picini, Karla Bueno and Gaby Rivero 6. Adriana Von Simson and Maria Cruz Waterhouse 7. Maggy Arana and Karla Bueno 8. Luz Ma, Philli Bullard and Marissa Prado 9. Alexandra Tamames, Mariela Roman, Angela Barco, Luchi Houlzet and Ana Tootle 10. Maria Patricia Somarraba, Shella Batalha, Susan Joch and Florencia Godward 11. Lauren Battle, Susan Joch and Amy Easton 2 5 4 3 6 7 8 9 10 11 98 1