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Encounters Birthday Parties! Key Biscayne residents Carlo and Valentina Pozzali hosted a dinner party with all their friends to celebrate their respective birthdays. It was a lovely night filled with Italian food, music and dancing. 1. Valentina & Carlo Pozzali 2. Trini Wagner and Elisa Pujol 3. Maria Juhar and Romina Lentino 4. Juan and Martina Uriburu 5. Javier Lentino, Stephan Croix and Magnus Wrahme 6. Sol De Camps, Simona Treusch and Geeta Lalwani 7. Dorine Heller, Kikas Forte Vaz and Laetitia Croix 8. Salvador and Lisa Garcon, Marco & Cristina Moreno 9. Carlo Pozzali, Ilaria Valenzuela, Iciar Oyarzun and Valentina Pozzali 8 94 key biscayne magazine 2 3 5 1 4 6 7 9