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Encounters MODEL MANIA! The team at IMBU Modeling School wants aspiring models to reach their goals both professionally and in life. Their experienced staff was on hand at this event with essential industry tips and tools that help yield success in this highly competitive field. 1. Sandra Suarez, Oliver Colme & Marah Caban 2. Alexandra Novo, Geraldine Almendarez & Michelle Mauris 3. Iana Imbu, Ana Cecilia, Adriana Imbu, Illa Imbu & Igor Imbu 4. Roberta Anspach & Alvaro Anspach 5. Patricia Noriega & Mary Weiniger 6. John Bruas & Lourdes Urrutia 7. Jessica Schwartz, Sharon Szmuc & Juliette Weiniger 8. Michelle Bustamante, Lara Weldman & Melisa Bustamante 1 3 2 4 7 88 key biscayne magazine 5 6 8