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KEY BISCAYNE’S MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE The men and women you’re about to meet are as beautiful inside as they are out. From hundreds of reader-submitted nominations to the selections of an independent panel of beauty experts based on photos in Key Biscayne Magazine to our editorial board picks, we¹ve made sure the very best made the final cut. In the ensuing pages, you’ll see the finalists at their most glamorous while getting a little glimpse into their lives and personalities. If you happen to run into them around town, don’t hesitate to gawk, pose in a photo with them or ask for their autograph. Who knows? Maybe next year you’ll find yourself in your very own glamour spread and magazine cover as one of the island’s finest. Photography: Kate Benson Text: Jorge Arauz Women’s Fashion: Victoria Lopez Castro Women’s Jewelry: Patricia Martins Jewelry Design Men’s Fashion: Mani Sirvanti Hair & Makeup: Trini, Emma Cipriani and Sabrina Carrivain for Trini In Private Photography & Lighting Assistant: Manny Chavez Location: Kate Benson Photography Studio july-august 2008 51