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Encounters THE COLOR OF CREATIVE Green Grass House Boutique recently held a photography exhibition for two artists, Emiliano Scatarzi with Telavisione and Kenneth Rubenoff with his work entitled Optical Beauty. The event included an art showcase, live music by DJ San Martin and cameos by some of Brickell’s finest as well as appearances by various artists. 1. Claudia & Carlos Sanz. 2. Isa Zapata, Claudia Sanz & Marisol Gomez. 3. Claudia Sanz, Liliana pinto & Justin Schmidt. 4. Jhony Acero, Violeta Bublik, Sergio Fama & Ben Odell. 5. Johana Cure, Isa Zapata & Marisol Gomez. 6. DJ Andres San Martin. 7. Kenneth Rubenoff & Steve Cohen. 1 3 5 2 4 6 7 july-august 2008 113