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Cover Story HAUTE MOMMAS 2012 On an island where family reigns supreme and parents often have to juggle home life, work and community without a hitch, we tap our hats toward a few world- class moms who masterfully balance every aspect of their life with pure love and total devotion. I n te rv i e ws: J o rg e Ar auz Ph oto g r aph y: An d r e s H er nan d e z Hai r & M ak e u p: M o n i c a Gav i r ia; 305. 322.4061 O n -s ite Fa s h i o n E d ito r: Pat r i cia M . B r e a Lo c at i o n: K e y B isc ay n e Yach t Club; 305. 361.9171; K BYC .o rg 75