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Encounters @ Commenoz Gallery 1 3 2 4 5 ARTISTIC SHOWCASE Commenoz Gallery hosted a cocktail reception to exhibit the works created by artists: Charlotte Franchissey, Joyce Kaiser, Marcela Olivares, Magdalena Vial and Trudy Wiesenberger during a showcase entitled Time and Space. — Photos by Maritza Minor 6 7 128 1. Naydu Commenoz, Ana Maria & Estefania Ortega 2. Susana Pais, Julia Ventura, Veronica Van-Der-Molen 3. Jordan & Joyce Keiser 4. Ysee Gaudel, Charlotte Franchissey 5. Patricia Baldocchi, Cristina Regalado 6. Carmen Chiriboga, Diana Hernandez, Hortencia Linero, Gloria Murcio 7. Beth Kaiser, Evelyn Agra, Nancy de Jesus 8. Charlotte Franchissey, Naydu Commenoz and Joyce Keiser 9. Oliver Benjamin and Angela Languois-Gonzalez 10. Alexandra Personeni and Carolina de Panfilis 11. Jo Ann Young and Gladys Leon 12. Sasha Gold and Jerry and Beth Kaiser 13. Stephanie Rodriguez and Naydu Commenoz 14. Patricia Bona and Carolina de Panfilis 15. Sharene Ennigham and Tania and Amthor Cairotozzi