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Encounters w/ KB Woman’s Club 1 3 2 4 5 Magnificent milestone The Key Biscayne Woman’s Club celebrated their 60th Anniversary in style at The Key Biscayne Yacht Club with cocktails, dinner, magic tricks and a fashion show. The Club was founded in 1952 with the purpose of offering scholarships to youths on the island, and has since expanded to benefit numerous other charitable causes. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Jeanne Shinefield, Mary Duncan, Rosanna Karpiak 2. Anna Desisto, Shirley Dunetz, Ronny Scudieri 3. Joyce Potanovich, Maria Giuffrida 4. Ralea Bobrow, Jill Latell 5. Staria Petersen, Claudette Endacott 6. Karen Inverso, Lynn Liddell, Shirley Dunetz 7. Mirella La Salle, Mary Romano 8. David & Joy Montserrat 9. Frederique Barder, Hazel Tomlinson 10. Pat Shaw, Bernard & Doris Nemtzow 11. Roberta Canavan, Lurlene-Gasner, Grace Lane 12. Diana Castillo, Barbara Khan 13. Robert Feinschreiber, Magaret Kent 14. Alex & Shayna Varkas 6 124