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Encounters w/ ADA 1 3 2 4 5 DEAR DAD The American Diabetes Association hosted the annual kick-off reception announcing the “2012 Miami Father’s of The Year Award” honorees. 6 7 118 1. Sheldon Anderson, Miguel Farra, Edward Easton, Dave Lawrence 2. ADA Board Leaders: Jaret Davis, Jose A. Hernandez-Solaun, Daniel Santos, David Barbeito, Beth Morgan, Roxana Sora, Flavia Llizo, Brenda Alfaro, Jennifer Marks, MD 3. David Barbeito, Miguel Farra 4. Jennifer Marks, MD 5. Cristina Sora, Roxana Sora 6. Oscar Montes, Lizzie Easton, Eddie Easton, Edward Easton, Olivia Easton, Amy Easton, Nancy Easton, Mac Easton 7. Nelly Farra, Miguel Farra, Nelly Farra 8. Matthew Anderson, Florence Anderson, Sheldon Anderson, John Allen Anderson 8