Key Biscayne Magazine

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Encounters @ The Key 1 3 2 4 5 Dublin ON THE KEY Eoghan & Barbara Clear arrived from Dublin, Ireland, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at The Batalha residence in Key Biscayne. Everyone wore green, listened to Irish music and enjoyed refreshing pints of Guinness. 6 7 114 1. Florencia Godward, Wico Bueno, Sheela Batalha, Eoghan & Barbara Clear, Ronald Batalha, Eugenio del Barrio. 2. Ronald Batalha, Aline Miccieli, John Paul Roxo, Eoghan Clear 3. Ed & Amy Easton 4. Christian Batalha, Natalie Batalha, Christie, Patrick Batalha, Ricardo Dupond, Catalina Santaella, Dylan & Ryan Batalha. 5. Patrick Batalha, Elena Del Barrio, Ricardo Du Pond 6. The Macia Family 7. Jose Caldeira, Francisco Ruiz, Aline Miccieli, Paulo Ribenboim, John Paul Roxo, Eugenio Del Barrio 8. Concha Coca, Karla Bueno, Sheela Batalha, Luciana Ribenboim, Florencia Godward, Amy Easton, Beatriz Coca, Silvana Caldeira, Catalina Santaella, Beatriz Sanchez, Ana Tootle. 8