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Encounters JAZZ NIGHT Smooth jazz and pop vocalist Sylvia Bennett celebrated the release of her latest CD Smile at Bertofino’s. Bennett and Bertofino teamed up once again to create a special event with dining, dancing and an intimate show for guests to enjoy. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Paolo Bertolini and Sylvia Bennett 2. Raelea Brobrow, Ruth Weiss and Jeanne Shinefield 3. Michelle Estevez, Steven Minor and Jill Quell 4. Lidia and Bob Brooks 5. Kashara, Ashley, Jennifer, Dennis and Anya Taylor 6. Diann Newman and Arthur Ackerman 7. Jim and Pat Eraso 8. David and Joy Montserrat 9. Yvette Murphy, Sergio Maciá and Lucrecia Loumiet 10. Miriam Duboy, Hector Esteve, Ines Abascal and Miriam Esteve 11. Kashara Taylor and Sebastian Hidalgo Sola 12. Jorge and Ana Maria Hine 13. Alice and Stephen Takach 14. Amada and Agustin Cruz 15. Lily and Ed Blanco 16. Paolo and Gina Bertolini 17. Sergio and Berta Garcia Palacio and Lilliam and Felix J. Garcia 2 3 4 6 96 1 5 7 8