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Encounters Tasting & Toasting St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School held their Annual Fundraiser featuring more than 15 Miami restaurants providing delicious samplings of some of their best offerings to benefit the kids! 1. Alexandra Leitman, Cristina Penafiel & Jimena Stein 2. Andrea Nachitgall-Connor & Marialuisa Benavides 3. Gabriela Imery, Carola Pimentel and Annaelise Romero 4. Javier and Marcela Jaramillo, Mariela Cisneros and Victor Mestre 5. Jimmy and Kirsy Ly 6. Juan Carlos and Uchi Botero 7. Karine and Bruce Youner 8. Marcela Jaramillo, Elisa Baptista and Victora Capote 9. Stephanie Sayfie-Aagaard, Antonio Mora and Darlene Perez 1 2 5 8 86 3 4 6 7 9