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Encounters Welcome to Miami Marian & David Rocker recently hosted a “Welcome to Miami” reception at The Ocean Club for John Richard, President & CEO of Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. 1. Marian Rocker, Adrienne Arsht & David Rocker 2. Pam Kroh, Pilar Bosh, Terry Abondanato, Loretta Nunez, Kitty De Melo 3. Jerry Levine, Steve Liedman, Hal Gaffin 4. Marilyn Horowitz, Sandy Kasoff, Barbara Thrasher 5. John Richard and Adrienne Arsht 6. Stanley Baron, Harvey Rosenwasser, Shirley Vituli, Joe Schein 7. Bernie Horowitz, Ernie Thrasher 8. Iris Fisher, Janet Schein, Doris Baron 9. Sandy Kasoff, Ruth Rosenwasser, Flo Tallisman 10. Marian & David Rocker 11. Marty & Faye Cohen 12. Harvey Rosenwasser, Alan Vituli, Scott Kroh 13. Pilar Bosh, Shirley Vituli 14. Loretta Nunez, Kitty De Melo 1 2 3 5 88 key biscayne magazine 4 6