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Encounters IN THE MOOD FOR POP In the Mood for Pop features Opera Gallery’s collection of exciting and kitschy works by contemporary masters like Warhol, Wesselmann and Lichtenstein along with paintings by emerging international avant- garde artists. The opening reception was a global mix of art and music with celebrated guests from both sides of the pond. Beginning in London in the mid 1950’s, Pop Art — a visual art movement expressing popular mass culture — found artists using themes influenced by advertising, everyday products and comic books. Opera Gallery is located in the Bal Harbour Shops at 9700 Collins Ave. 1. Adam Erdberg, Adam Singer, Tamar Erdberg & Irv Singer 2.Lizzie Bowden, Hannah Greenow & Laura Zilli 3. Caroline Herail & Martial Ricart 4. Sandrine & Yani Arfi 5. Larry & Dara Ross 6. Michele Migliaccio & Robert Katz 7. MC Adrian & Barbra Tucker 8. Domenic Congiusto & Lydia Scerpella 9. Jean Bryan & Peter Neofotistos 10. Sandrine Arfi, Claude Labi & Danielle Waton 11. Irv Singer & Adam Erdberg 12. Tim Wade & Jean-David Malat 13. Michael Brin & Andrea Braverman 14. Jade & Geanette Calliva 15. Gabriel Radcliff & Veronica Voronina 16. Edward, Gabriel & Margaret Leoshko 17. Frank Moya, Johanna Oriolani & Diego Tosoni 18. Peter Aguirrebena, Monica Lavalette & Hernan Londono 19. Charles Sorrentino, Johanna Oriolani, Clemencia Hein & Frank Youngman 1 2 3 6 98 key biscayne magazine 4 5 7 8