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Encounters Cool-de-Sac PLAY CAFé Key Biscayne residents Jose Luis Bueno and Antonio Mauri invited more than 100 friends and family to the launch of their Family Entertainment Center, Cool-de-Sac Play Café, located on the third floor of the Shops at Sunset Place. Cool-de-Sac is the first entertainment center that’s designed and built with parents in mind. 1. Fernando Pardo, Luis Magallanes, Fer Zapata, Adrien Herrera, Tono Mauri & Jose Luis Bueno 2. Gloria Herrera, Miky Zapata, Karla Bueno, Carla Mauri, Aline Magallanes & Gaby Pardo 3. Gloria Fernandez & Randy Marquina 4. Carolina Lins & Carla Garcia 5. Tono Mauri y Jose Luis Bueno 6. Gloria & Adrien Herrara, Aline & Luis Magallanes 7. Karla Bueno, Elliette Zreik, Lizette Du Pond & Maggy Arana 8. Sandra Borgonovo, Karla Bueno, Adriana Von Simson, Lizette Du Pond, Alida Kurzan & Mary Esclusa 9. Karla Bueno, Giovanna & Francis Hawley & Jose Luis Bueno 10. Mary Esclusa, Alida & Enrique Kurzan & Sandra Borgonovo 11. Rafael & Bibiana Bueno, Reyna Hicks, Reyna & Jose Luis Bueno 12. Lillian & Jay Piers 13. Antonio & Josefina Mauri, Carla Aleman & Luis Magallanes 14. Jose Marquina, Jose Luis Fernandez, Enrique Kurzan & Jose Luis Zreik 15. Karla Bueno, Gaby Pardo, Carla & Tono Mauri, Miky Zapata & Aline Magallanes, Pardo, Jose Luis Bueno, Fer Zapata & Luis Magallanes 16. Bibiana & Reyna Bueno, Fernando Zapata & Rafael Donde 17. Jose Marquina, Jose Luis Fernandez, Marlene Bedoya, Enrique Kurzan & Jose Luis Zreik 18. Bibiana with Jose Luis & Reyna Bueno 19. Fernando & Miky Zapata with Jose Luis & Karla Bueno 1 2 3 6 104 key biscayne magazine 4 5 7