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Encounters TENNIS PRO-AM The 2nd Tennis Pro-Am gathered players, families and friends for a memorable event at the Ocean Club Tennis Center. After facing many games and court rotations with an accompanying crowd, main event sponsor South Bay Group’s principal, Roberto Cortes, awarded this year’s first and second place prizes to Peter Galan and Guillermo Salcedo. In addition, all participating players received gift baskets and goodie bags in appreciation of their efforts. But there were more than two winners...Fundación Manos Del Sur obtained sponsorships for three children making them the top winners of the night! 1. Participants and organizers gather at the Ocean Club Tennis Center 2. Roberto Cortes, Feliciano Lopez, Guillermo Salcedo & Giovanni Lapentti 3. Robert Vernon & Steve Liedman 4. Maribel Marin, Mark Chatburn & Giorgio Carneade 5. Pierina De Uribe, Rosa Calero & Pierina Uscocovich 6. Jose Pavia, Manuel Massu & Marco Ruttimann 7. Joane & Jerry Levine 8. Julio Nutt & Henry Nutt 9. Nicolas Lapentti Perez with Enrique & Sebastian Delgado 10. Claudia Batlle & Paulina Montes 11. Oscar Lopez & Carlos Lopez 12. Vanessa Serrano 13. Marilyn & Steve Liedman 14. Guillermo Salcedo Jr. & Roberto Salcedo 15. Robert Gold, Nicolas Lapentti & Doreen Eronson 16. Luis Adrian Morejon & Julian Wortelboer 17. Ana Maria, Simon Chaparro & Ernersto Orellana 18. Rafael Quevedo, Jose Antonio De Armas, Sebastian Cordovez & Gordo Marique 19. Guillermo Cañas, Luis Adrian Morejon, Andres Gomez & Nicolas Pereira 20. Roberto Cortes, Luis Adrian Morejon, Julian Wortelboer & Nicolas Pereira 1 2 3 6 100 key biscayne magazine 4 5 7 8