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Encounters @ Commenoz Gallery 1 2 3 ARTISTIC CONNECTIONS Commenoz Gallery hosted a cocktail reception where guests toured the gallery’s latest collections and exhibits. 1. Barbara Domansky, Naydu Commenoz, Patrice Scemana, Sylvie &Jacques Paray 2. Beatriz Struck, Patricia Baldocchi, Lynn Gallagher 3. Jeffrey Jones, Kathy Irl, Donald Maser 4. Naydu Commenoz, Bia & Carlos Betancourt 5. Mariela Geigel, Alberto Fernandez De La Pradilla, Nora Camejo 6. Jerry Brown, Patrice Scemana, James Psrayp 7. Ysee & Stephen Eisel 8. Helena Pestana, Andre Pestana 9. John Struck, Cristina Regalado 10. Eileen Goudie, Bia Betancourt Marilyn & Willy Borroto 11. Silvia Iriondo, Maria Teresa Concheso 4 120