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Encounters @ Lightkeepers 2 1 4 DELICIOUSLY DIVINE The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne celebrated the anniversary of Lightkeepers with small bites, cocktails a surprises served to guests. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Ashley Lutz, Claire Gibson 2. Derna Greenberg, Peg Scott Renee Miller 3. Courtney & Don Duval 4. Gigi Costa, Joe Coote, Amelita Courtney 5. Jennifer Medina, Gary Gross, Michele Estevez, Mayra Peña Lindsay 6. Joan McCaughan, Carlos Mendiola, Elaine Gross 7. Doreen Colondres, Annie Grijalva 8. Sarah Thaler, Adriana Moran 9. Susan & Mitchell Duggan 10. Taylor & Melissa White 11. Veronica Majan, Jorge Mendoza, Krisman Arellano 3 116