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Compass FYI PUBLISHED POLYMATH Ronald Goldfarb was studying at Syracuse University while most teens were learning 3-point turns. That set the tone for a 60-year legal and literary career that’s nothing short of brilliant. T E X T BY R O N Y M O Fresh out of Yale Law, Ronald Goldfarb first punched his time-card in the Air Force’s JAG office, then as a cape-free crime-fighter for the Justice Department, before being tapped for his speech- writing skills by Robert F. Kennedy. In the late ‘60s, Goldfarb started his own law firm & literary agency, Goldfarb & Associates, while cultivating his writing hobby which produced 12 exceptionally researched works of non-fiction. His latest book and first foray into fiction under the nom de plume, R. L. Sommer, was published by the American Bar Association’s literary press — Ankerwycke. Courtship: A Novel Of Life, Love & The Law describes the trials and tribulations of a power-hungry, yet emotionally fragile attorney trying to find a balance between work, morality and family life against overwhelming odds; 22