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Encounters @ Milanezza 1 3 2 4 5 Birthday Bash Cliff & DiAnna Drysdale hosted a birthday party for Key Biscayner Brett Graff at Milanezza, with Key Biscayne’s most prominent players coming to celebrate. 1. Brett Graff, Cliff & DiAnna Drysdale 2. Angelica Torres, Dana Jofre, Kelly Guma 3. Claudia Succar Ferre, Manny Hernandez 4. Leni Weber 5. Lori Rombiero, Karen Edelstein, Stacey Chopp 6. Kirsy Ly, Angela Saldarriaga, Paige Latterner 7. Nancy Bernstein, Andrea Brody, Veronica Zarco 8. Theodora Long, Lainey Grossman, Sloan Bruan, Kimberly Feldman 6 7 114 8