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Compass Auto Wow Factor An uncompromising 4-door coupe with stunning beauty, innovative brains and turbocharged brawn, the all-new 2014 Mercedes- Benz CLA-Class promises to elevate pulses at a jaw-dropping value. It’s also slated to be the world’s most aerodynamic series production car, with gorgeously slick design promising a drag coefficient of a mere .23 when it hits showrooms this fall. Add to that a 208 hp engine and a host of high-tech touches, and you can see why we’re already quivering with anticipation; 305.445.8593, Heavy Duty Toyota’s 2014 Tundra Pickup looks ready to rumble with American big-shots such as the Dodge Ram and Ford F-150. Toyota’s choice of 3 powertrains means consumers can pick exactly as much power as they need, avoiding wasted fuel efficiency, and the 2014 model sports design tweaks that give it a rough-and-ready profile more in line with the spirit of its San Antonio birthplace. But what’s really caught our eye are the softer touches, with some sweet ergonomic styling to the interior and a pair of lust-worthy finish packages; Ride Hunger “Americans will put up with anything provided it doesn’t block traffic.” — Dan Rather 24 Less Wasteful Cruising Tunes It might take them ages to get anywhere, but Southern Californians love their cars, with over 1 million new vehicles entering the region every year. That’s about 1/7 of the total cars sold in the U.S. annually. During the 1970s, cars were scrapped twice as often as trucks. The rate is now nearly even…though we’re not sure whether that’s because cars have gotten more reliable, or because trucks have become flimsier! What would driving be without a good soundtrack? Motorola understood that from the get-go, which is why the first product they began developing was a record player for cars. We’re not sure how they planned to stop the skipping.