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Compass Real Estate Building Well A stunningly modern new residence on Key Biscayne catching your eye? Chances are, it’s the brainchild of KZ Architecture. The firm has been busy creating innovative buildings throughout the region, making sure their designs meld not only with a client’s carefully- considered needs, but also with local cultural history, the natural setting and — most importantly — the environment. What’s more, KZ has created one of the first LEED certified homes in the state, and the firm’s designers make it a point to optimize sustainability in their projects; Island Escape Puerto Rico is coming up, and nowhere is that more apparent than in San Juan’s stunning Paseo Caribe project, a luxurious open-air waterfront residential development. Model residences and public spaces at the site were designed or enhanced by couture fashion genius Nono Maldonado, who lent an understated elegance to the project. The result is a modern tribute to island living, with stunning water views and a fresh, clean design palette; Prime Properties Whether you want to upgrade to a bigger home on Key Biscayne, experience living on the island for the first time or find a second or third home somewhere else, these properties may be just what you’ve been looking for. 16 335 W Palmwood Ln 765 Harbor Drive $2,820,000 6 Bedrooms + 6.5 baths Third floor Terrace Florencia Moni 305.301.6584 $2,775,000 5 Bedrooms + 4 Baths Just Renovated Barnes Realty 305.361.2233 111 Cape Florida Drive $5,200,000. 4 bedrooms / 4.5 baths. Waterfront Brigitte De Langeron 305.244.7493 Casa del Mar # 23A $1,799,000 3 Bedroom + 3 Baths Beaches & Ocean Views Michelle Shurtleff 305.299.2062