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Encounters w/ UM Miller School Of Medicine 1 3 2 4 5 OUTstanding achievement Recently, Dr. Jorge A. Picaza, his family, colleagues & friends got together to honor the 2013 Picaza Lecturer of University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine Department of Neurosurgery, Dr. Paul Nelson. — Photos by Suazophotos 6 7 126 1. Esther Picaza Beato, Ana Picaza Soler, Sandra Dufay 2. Dr. Mike Wang, Jorge H. Picaza 3. Drs. Roberto & Deborah Heros 4. Dr. & Mrs. Alejandro Forteza 5. Jorge A. Picaza w/ Dr. Jose Ernesto Picaza 6. Dr. John Serak, Lauren Shive, Dr. Andrew Middleton 7. Dr. Jacques & Fiona Morcos 8. 2013 Picaza Lecturer Dr. Paul Nelson, Dr. Roberto Heros 8