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Encounters @ The Grand Bay Club 1 2 4 5 Health Matters The Alvarez & The Botero families of Key Biscayne recently hosted an event for the Diabetes Research Institute at The Grand Bay Club. During the event, Dr. Camilo Ricordi presented the next quantum leap toward a biological cure. 1. Natalie Geary, Robin Nemery, Barry Hauser 2. Robert A. Pearlman, Juan Carlos & Uchi Botero, Natalia Botero, Camillo Ricordi, Tatiana Botero, Maria Fernanda Alvarez, Veronica & Rodrigo Alvarez, Rodrigo Alvarez, Cherie Stabler 3. Maria Fernanda Alvarez, Tatiana Botero 4. Ana Maria Perez, Dr. Pedro Llaneza, Ana Victoria Llaneza 5. British Consul-General Kevin McGurgan and his wife Vicki 6. Tammy Klein, Carly Klein 7. Robert A. Pearlman, Bonnie Inserra 8. Tina Poo, Mitra Zehtab, Deborah Chodrow, Ramon Poo 3 6 116 7 8