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Encounters Meet & Greet The American Academy of Dermatology recently hosted the annual Women’s Dermatology Society’s meeting on Key Biscayne, bringing together dermatology professionals and their friends under one roof.— Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Dr. Roger Khouri, Dr. Susana Leal-Khouri and Marilyn and Willy Borroto 2. Teresa Bara and Miguel Suarez 3. Christine Klein and Julie Hodge 4. Dr. Keith Harris and Yinka Adesokan 5. Waylon Duncan and Dr. Yvette George 6. Kathleen Hectorne MD, Wendy Roberts MD and Janet Hickman MD 7. Andy Frankel and Sarah Grummer 8. Valerie Callender, Errol Clarke and Cheryl Burgess 9. Kaylee Kildare and Michael Goodman 10. Barbie Lopez, Maria Aranda and Julissa Knapp 1 2 5 8 96 3 4 6 7 9 10