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Encounters w/ Puntino Catered with class Puntino catered another phenomenal event during the launch party for tennis twins Bob & Mike Bryan at The Wolfington’s residence in Key Biscayne. — Photos by Maritza Minor 1. Cristoforo and Giada Pignata 2. Janette and Jorge Uribe 3. David Ziegelman and Astrid Marten 4. Laura Buccellati and Giovanni Grimaldi 5. Teresita Amonn-Ortega, Nancy White and Melissa Silva 6. Jessica de Linares, Giada Pignata and Caro Murciano 7. Dario Tani and Melisa Cuetara 8. Johanna and Ricardo Fernandez-Salvador 9. Manuela Baselice and Leonardo Hidalgo 10. Janee Blackwell and Violeta Reyes 11. Alison Rich and Martha Clarke 12. Janice and Jolm Colozza 13. Emilio Robba, Antoine Lamarche, Natalia Vietto and Germain Vialatte 14. Claudio Cano, Adriana Lucia and Andres Castro 15. Kristin and Gregg Muhlner 16. Glgi Rodriguez and Alana Gissen 17. Andres Martinez and Macarena Zubiria 18. Larry Curran, Stephan Croix and Ryan Woltington 19. Fernando Sanche, Ana Wolfington, Alfonso Montiel and Manny Curbello 1 2 3 5 7 94 4 6 8 9